July 16, 2011

read this stuff because it will make you more smarter.

i know a lot of stuff about television because i'm really cultured and do smart people things like watch a lot of televsion. this is the stuff i've learned from all this productivity.

i would just like to start off by saying how much this show makes me want to kill everything in plain sight. it's so loud and i'm not talking about nick cannon's suits. ZING!!!!!!!! lolzzz. but seriously guys. it hurts my ears. plus the producers make the audience look like a bunch of effing idiots. they're either clapping or crying or doing both. ALL THE TIME. i feel like i'm tripping on acid when i watch this. so i usually don't but sometimes i do and that's when i get angry. basically what i'm trying to say is that this show gives me anxiety.

look at these morons.

look at these other morons.

look at this moron.



she loves fake eye lashes and boys named bentley. also her stylist should be shot.


if he had a british accent it would all make sense.


the only downside to this guy is that he has bad taste in women.


he's a real man because he's awkward in front of the camera and wears running shoes with everything. also he loves red meat. (i do not know this fact to be true. i might have made it up. but he totally seems like the type)

mary-kate and ashley:

fraternal. not identical.



this is a perfect example of why utah sucks so hard.




this show would be a lot better if this wet blanket wasn't in it.

this post was stupid. but i'm not apologizing for it. and now if you'll excuse me i have to go clean out my tivo.


Marci said...

I was crying about your bachelorette comments. each one was spot on, seriously.

Erica and Jake said...

I just wanted to point out that Lucas got a divorce because "things fizzled out"... which to me and some other choice people says that he lost interest. Careful Ashley, you may get too boring for him.

{B} said...

Oh my hell. Ok, first of all i'm not even sure how I found your blog, but i'm super glad I did. You make me laugh till I cry. :)

bloggirl1019 said...

jajaja running shoes with everything=worst.

Mullet Equations said...

Hey can I Teeny follow your blog from my new blog?
BTW the very sad and unfortunate truth is that my nephew (from my husband's side) was named after that Bently. My brother in law had a class with him and thought he was a nice guy, and kept his name in mind for his future child. Sadly that "nice guy" became America's Prick.

Morgs said...

hi, i don't know you but we have the same name and i blog stalk you. i think you are the funniest person ever. the end.